Savings Plans

Savings plans are medium-term savings products designed for retirement. Among its benefits, the one that stands out is that they are exempt from taxes.

There are different types you can choose from, on the one hand, the Individual Long Term Life Insurance, SIALP; on the other, the Individual Long-Term Savings Accounts, CIALP.

Remember that you can only hire a savings plan per person, that the money cannot exceed 5,000 euros per year and that the investment term is five years.

If you need advice on savings plans, our agents will be happy to answer your questions and queries.

Always remember that it is essential to encourage savings in the family, in addition to investing part of the savings to get an individual return on money.


As parents, our primary goal is for our children to be happy. Happiness is composed of several factors, without a doubt the economic factor plays an indispensable role in the achievement of that happiness.

As parents, we must teach our children that money, whether we agree or not, is the universal instrument to satisfy a large part of our needs and many of our tastes and goals.

Economic Peace must be learned from home. The proper handling of personal finances is a matter that must begin at home. As responsible parents of the financial health of the family group, we must be an excellent example for our children.

Depending on the attitude we have towards money, whether we waste it or on the contrary that we have the responsible management of it, the chances of our children repeating our behaviors are very high.

Remember that one of the sources of learning for every human being is observation. Children tend to learn and repeat the behaviors of their parents and the people that are very important to them.